Yes, marriages and relationships are actually not a piece of cake and they can be tricky. Sometimes everything goes so smooth in a relationship and sometimes couple struggle to get along with each other. Eventually things get better with understanding and patience also when both of the partners trust each other. If you talk specifically about relationships sometimes you know that you have found your partner and he or she is perfect for you but you really want to listen it from someone else. 10 signs which show that your partner is ideal for you and you are in a perfect relationship.

  1. First and the most important is that having them beside you makes you feel safe and comfortable
  • He or she is not afraid of difficulties and they are ready to resolve them with you
  • Pay attention to you listen to your problems carefully
  • They make time for you even with a busy schedule
  • He or she know when to compromise and can negotiate arguments.
  • They know how to cheer you up when you’re feeling low.
  • There respect you and your family.
  • Your friends like them and respect them.
  • You are able to discuss your future with them.
  1. Lastly, he or she is ready to support you in your decisions which is very important.