1. Sadaf Kanwal – Paris/Venice

Sadaf is posting exotic photos from her Euro tour and making us fall in love with Europe all over again (Oh and her street style is on point). Here is a photograph from of Sadaf from Paris, the city of lovers.

When in Paris… ?♥️

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And the one from Vienna, lover her fur jacket!

La Bella Venezia ??♥️ #italy #venice #happiness #icanseeyou

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2. Urwa Hocane – Poland

Urwa travels mainly for business and to locations that one wouldn’t think of exploring. Here is a photograph of Urwa from Poland during her shoot.

Trains and Snow and Snow and Trains! ?? ❄️ #ShootLife ??❤️??

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Would you just check out that white trendy jacket? Extra points for her buckled long boots

Solitude ! ?? ? ? #WorkTravel

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3. Mawra Hocane – Rome, Italy

The sisters are rarely ever far behind when it comes to work travel and exciting projects. Mawra was spotted in rome on her shoot for Bonanza Satrangi.

and she posed in front of the majestic Colosseum

When in Rome… #BeGold ✨

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4. Minal Khan – Istanbul, Turkey

Minal and Aiman khan visited turkey recently for their shoot for Nishat linen. Check Minal’s recent Instagram post  showcasing the blue mosque in the background!


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5. Mahira Khan – London, UK

This style diva is the face of L’Oreal which grants her golden ticket to travel all over the world representing L’Oreal. Recently Mahira Khan was spotted in London in a trendy red stripped jumpsuit paired with a long coat

Pfhhh that sky? #nofilterphoto

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6. Momina Mutehsan – phiphi islands, Thailand

You want to hear a secret? Momina is currently shooting for her new movie! which is why she is spotted shooting in various places these days! we hope you’re enjoying the water sports in Thailand Momina!


7. Amna Babar  – NYC, USA

Amna Babar , our cover girl is known to appear on the highest number of magazine covers in Pakistan compared to any other super model. this is probably why she has a pretty hectic travelling schedule and gets to go around the world due to her work commitments. Well, we are not complaining; she looks fab!


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