The biggest ordeal a Pakistani women faces in her life is not having access to cheap international beauty brands like NYX or ELF easily. In Pakistan we are stuck with a very few limited choices and it is a pity. But let’s try to make the best put of what we got. Here are three Pakistani beauty brands that are both cheap and get the job done!

Medora Lipsticks – PKR 100 each

There are three kinds of finishes available ranging from matte, glossy and glitter.

Medora has tons of varieties of lipsticks available from its beloved red shade to its full fuchsia pink shade. It has everything for every occasion in a highly affordable price range.

Clazona matte Lipsticks – PKR 150 each

This lipstick with its matte range is definitely worth every penny and can give high-end brands a run for their money.

The brand claims their lipsticks are full of enriching vitamins to lock lip moisture so that is an added plus for sure!

Sweet Touch Lipsticks – PKR 450

In a relatively higher price bracket the sweet touch lipsticks are the best moisturizing and color retaining formula in any Pakistani lipstick brand.

My personal favorite is the shade 761. These lipsticks contain the nourishing Vitamin E and has a plenty of long lasting beautiful lip shades.