Here are some of the amazing dramas with distinct storyline and a very powerful cast.

1 – Dunk

A university student Amal Faraz (Sana) accuses her professor of sexual harassment. Professor Humayun, effortlessly played by Noman Ijaz. Bilal Abbas Khan is playing the role of Haider who is Amal’s cousin. Now that professor has committed suicide and everyone knows that he was innocent. Haider is full of guilt and has refused to marry his fiance Amal  The latest episode was all about this powerful couple. Now let’s see what happens next in the drama and will Haider be able to forgive himself and Amal?

 2 – Khuda Aur Muhabbat

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is evidently the new talk of the town. Not only did this iconic drama gain popularity after it began, it in fact won over the hearts of the audiences and fans way before it even started. The story line is amazing and consists of a beautiful love story of Maheen and Farhad. Farhad is basically Seth Nisar’s manager and Mahi is the best friend of hid daughter who is here for the wedding. The wedding functions are organised by Farhad and Mahi assists him. The adorable and childish bickering continues and towards the end, we see Mahi inclining a hand of friendship towards Farhad who is starting to lose his heart to Mahi. Now that the wedding is over and Farhad and Mahi are supposed to part ways. Farhad tries to express her love to Mahi before the wedding and  then she goes back to her town. Now that Farhad decides to go to Mahi’s town let’s see what’s the next trouble for him.

3 – Raqs-e-Bismil

Tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil opened with the most emotional and beautifully scripted scene covering Zohra asking for a final sacrifice from Moosa. Once again Moosa’s mad love for Zohra was the highlight of this episode. There were also instances when it seemed as if Zohra was fascinated by the intensity of Moosa’s love for her but she still chooses not to be with him because she feels that if she marries him everyone will always look down upon her. Their on-screen chemistry and the intensity of their scenes together make their track the most powerful element of this drama. Malik Shehryar made an offer that Ana Ji wanted to consider but she let Zohra make the final decision. Since Malik Shehryar wants Zohra in his life at any cost at all he is now going to create problems for Ana Ji so that she doesn’t have a choice and ends up pressurizing Zohra.

Which one is your favourite drama?