There are some couples that simply win your hearts and you can see how adorable they look next to each other. All these Pakistani bloggers are based internationally and post heart warming photos in exotic locations next to their other and we simply cant get enough! in no particular order. Lets Begin!

1. Qudsia & Kamran

Qudsia is a fashion and style influencer based in Dubai who is married to her loving husband Kamran

Qudsia occasionally posts about their travelling escapades. Here is a picture from Colombia. Aren’t they totally cute?

Instagram: @qudsia1412

2. Samreen & Rehan

Samreen Imtiaz, is a fashion blogger who expanded her empire from Pakistan to California. An army brat, she was born and raised in Pakistan and later moved to The US to study Fashion Design from Monterey, California. She is Married to Rehan and they both have a beautiful baby daughter named Ayrah Noor

Instagram: @californakistan

3. Maryam & Ishtiaaq

Maryam is a New York based blogger who is not only a stunning stylist but a talented makeup artist. She is married to Nabeel.

Maryam posts photos together of their amazing adventures and look absolutely stunning together. Dont you think so?

Instagram: @maryamishtiaq

4. Nayab & Umer

A Beautiful Canadian/Pakistani fashion blogger who has a lot up her sleeve, she is a photographer, a designer and a social media influencer. She is married to Umer and has a beautiful baby named Muhammad Rayan.

We just love a happy couple!

Instagram: NayabChattha