Renowned Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf Awan  is adored by people all over the globe. He has for sure played some iconic characters and stole everyone’s heart with his brilliant performances. Imran Ashraf is a big name in the drama industry and achieved a name with his hard work. Here are 5 iconic characters done by Imran Ashraf Awan!

1 – Alif Allah Aur Insaan

Imran Ashraf came under the spotlight after his amazing acting as “Shamuu” in Alif Allah aur Insaan as a transgender. He put in a lot effort and hard work in this drama. This role was not easy for him and he faced a lot of trolls due to this. However, the hard work paid off and he gained a number of followers. It proved to be turning point of his career and he surprised his fans with his acting skills. This character is remembered by all.

2 – Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is simply exceptional. He was a mentally challenged boy and Imran Ashraf did justice to this character. It is the most loveable character by Imran Ashraf. Bhola means innocence and it was shown onscreen in this drama serial. It was a character that was simple, innocent and very different from the rest.

3 – Kahin Deep Jalay

Zeeshan was character different from the rest. He was a boy from a well-to-do background who has lost everything to bankruptcy. During this he marries a girl and their pure love story is shown onscreen that goes through a number of ups and downs. His behavior towards his wife is admirable and then due to some misunderstandings he becomes the typical husband. Imran pulled off this character very well and portrayal of husbands in the society was done on point.

4 – Raqs e Bismil

“Raqs E Bismil” is a show that has won the hearts of viewers with its tale of unattainable love. A story based on true love. Moosa is someone who is deeply in love with Zohra and doesn’t care about the societal norms. Despite all his efforts the society keeps them apart. In this Imran Ashraf did execptional his expressions used to sync with the bold dialogues. 

5 – Muskh

Imran Ashraf in this drama Muskh stars as the protagonist Adam, who is a true gentleman while Urwa Hocane’s character has numerous shades that she keeps changing. His role was definitely pleasing and unique.  

Which character is your favorite?