Winters have almost arrived but they don’t show until the gloriously chilly autumn season. Everyone loves the autumn colors; The ashy auburns, the muted browns and the gorgeous burnt mustards. Everything ends up looking even more beautiful. Here are the 5 items inspired by autumn colors that every woman must have in her closet!

1.The leather brown trench coat

A brown leather trench coat looks extremely classy and fashionable. They can be paired with high long boots, plain pumps or cow boy boots. The trench coat will help with the chill and make you look 10/10 high fashion.

2.A checked Pashmina Scarf

A pashmina scarf is wonderfully soft against the skin not only that is effective in shutting out the chill but looks fabulous too and a couple of these is a great addition in any woman’s winter wardrobe.

3. Aviator sunglasses

It is a common misconception that since the sun is dim during the winters, sunglasses isn’t an absolute necessity. That is entirely wrong. In daytime whether sun is out of not sunglasses help not only to protect your eyes against the light but to provide a cover against pollutants. And they look great so why not?

4. Leather Ankle Boots

Ankled boots whether with heels or without them (whichever way you find them comfortable) look like you’ve stepped out right out of a fashion magazine and they are soothingly warma and comforting too!

5. An essential Classic coat

A classic coat is an essential you can keep one on each of these colors in various different designs (black, light brown, white, skin, blue or even red). They beat winter at its best and make you look on point. The best part about these coats is that you can wear anything underneath a plain white or black shirt and they manage to make you appear expensive nonetheless