Here are 5 tips for beautiful hair and skin this summer!

1) Create an exfoliating lip scrub by mixing together brown sugar, honey and olive oil

How to make it: Take one tea spoon of brown sugar and mix with one tea spoon of honey and olive
oil. Scrub onto the lips gently twice a week for 15 minutes

2) Use an orange as a loofah for a natural cleanser

How to use it: Cut an orange in half and use it as a loofah to exfoliate your knees and elbows during
shower for soft and beautiful skin

3) Olive oil and egg yolk mixture can help against hair dandruff

How to make it: Get rid of tough hair dandruff by mixing olive oil and egg yolk in a 2:1 ratio and use
the mixture twice a week

4) Natural rose toner for cleansing

How to make it: boil two cups of roses in boiling water and add two table spoons of sea salt. Spray it
daily for smooth and soft skin

5) Almond oil for skin discoloration

How to use it: almond oil can help with dark rings that form around the mouth, can also aid with
discoloration and dark spots. Apply almond oil all over the face twice a day.