Nihari is a popular meal among Pakistanis, whether Sindhi, Balochi, or Punjabi but the Lahore has the best places for Nihari. Our day is made when we have a great plate of Nihari. The origins of Nihari may be traced back to the Indian subcontinent; the Nihari consists of slow-cooked meat, primarily beef or mutton shanks, though chicken Nihari is also popular among the Lahoris.

1 – Muhammadi Nihari

Muhammadi Nihari House is a well-known Nihari location in Lahore. Beef Nihari with Nali fry, beef and chicken plain Nihari, beef and chicken Nihari fry, Beef Maghaz Nihari, and special Beef Nihari fry are all available on the menu at this restaurant. Muhammadi Nihari, in Khyaban e Jinnah, Lahore, is a must-visit.

2 – Waris Nihari

For simple reasons, Waris Nihari in Anarkali is one of Lahore’s most popular and adored niharis. It’s tasty, inexpensive, and filling. We live for the massive lump of meat in the middle of a properly done, rich masala. Although Lahore does not have a lot of Nihari Walay, this restaurant proves that quantity does not always trump quality.

3 – Haji Sahab Nihari Walay

It is a well-known Lahore restaurant that provides a variety of Asian cuisines. This Lahore eatery is known for its delectable Nihari and is located on Jail Road. It is one of Lahore’s oldest Nihari restaurants. From there, you can acquire spicy Nihari with a lot of flavour. Furthermore, the costs are really fair.

4 – Capri (Liberty)

This restaurant is located near Bundu Khan in Lahore, in 34 Commercial Zone. This restaurant serves high-quality food at an affordable price. Here you will find the greatest beef Nihari. On weekends, you must arrive early in the morning to secure a decent seat, or you risk missing their delectable breakfast.

5 – Dehli Nihari

On Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Delhi Nihari is a mouthful of surprises. While Haji and Waris are difficult to beat, Delhi Nihari comes close with a hint of handmade Nihari. It’s not hefty at all, and most importantly, it’s not full of Aata.