Losing weight is not an easy task and people all across the globe are struggling with this. They are practicing strict diet plans and also exercising. In addition to this there are several remedies available on the internet which are being practiced by people. However there are some road blocks that hinder you when trying to lose weight. Here is the list:


1) You Skip Meals — Then End Up Overeating

When it comes to the effort to cut calories sometimes people start skipping meals and then they end up eating more than required. It is advised to eat regularly throughout the day so that your body will be able to anticipate that you are providing the adequate nutrition to it. Moreover you should make a plan nutrients that are required by the body. After this you can pick and choose food you like.

2) You Eat Mindlessly or When Distracted

In today’s world we are so much addicted to technology that we tie to multitask everything with it. People eat while watching TV shows and consider it very relaxing but little do they know that the repetitive hand-to-mouth snacking is not beneficial. Eating when your distracted will make you eat more than required. You should put your technology away while eating so that you know no how much and what have you eaten.

3) You Lack Planning

What you will eat for the day should be planned! you should keep a food diary to see how many calories you are consuming actually and how many calories are required according to your body type. For this you can always take help from a dietician and then create your easy to go meal plan.

4)  Medication Is The Problem

Some medications cause weight gain — or get in the way of your efforts to lose weight. Medicines like antidepressants and also steroids etc may cause weight gain because there mess with the metabolism. Moreover sometimes they make you less active and then you gained more weight. however you can always ask your medical advisor to switch your medicine with some other or to adjust the dose only if it is possible.

5) You Overestimate Your Calorie Burn

When you’re trying to lose weight, what and how much you eat is more important than your exercise habit. You should not over estimate your calorie burn when at the treadmill or exercising but you should count on the amount of calorie intake.

Did you know about these reasons that you are not able to lose weight?