Don’t you lie, but I’m sure rainy season is your favorite! The brisk morning you get to experience, the afternoon coolness, and the best of all, the the shivery nights! The beatitude of heart is surely linked to nature, and the upthrust of joy we feel is impossible to replicate!
Here i am going to tell you the amazing things  you can do to make you feel more joyful then you already are! So here you go

1- Listen to Songs

Listening to songs in this mesmerizing weather is the most cheapest of the therapies you’ll ever experience. So go out, sit, and enjoy the tiny rain droplets sitting on your skin, and the heavy winds refreshing your inner soul, while your eyes traveling here and there to experience the pure beauty around, with a little touch of cold around your body will surely be a feeling of pure bliss.If you get to experience this while listening to your old favorite song, will leave you with pouring emotions and get your happy hormones flowing.

2. Cooking isn’t only for hot days!

It’ll be much more fun to cook in this chilly weather, far better than to break sweats on a hot day! The wintry feels will be all up, so just hop in a oven, the batter, to have the most delicious cookies, or a fudge brownie, or maybe a banana bread to tantalize your taste buds, making you enjoy the weather even more!

3. Reading your favorite Book series! Whats better than that?

Grab your favorites series,and get on your bed, or maybe sit alongside the window, to read your favorite book, and being braced by the breath taking weather, will leave you so relaxed. So just get one of the good old books out from your closet to be romanced both by the book and the weather of course. What a good day for your tiny heart!
The notebook, me before you, a walk to remember will fit wonderfully so!

4. Drinking yummy hot  Chocolate!

Chocolate isn’t who’s favorite? But it will be a dream to catch on some hot chocolate to give you a taste of pure heaven once you sip on the chocolaty goodness forsure!  The piercing cool weather and hot chocolate. What a great combo! Top it up with some marshmallows and toothsome caramel sauce for a day changing experience.

5. Playing with your favorite people

Getting your inner child out, and playing outside in this breath-taking weather will be so refreshing for everybody. If adults, your heart will swim in nostalgia and you will enjoy being a kid after following such a hectic routine all along. If a kid? Then buddy what are you waiting for?

6. Lastly, GET IN THE RAIN

What better to go outside and drench in the rain, and being perked up by the biting cold water after your encouter with the disappointing warm water over the months. You’ll be flying with the the coldest pressure of chilly winds, and a nice cold shower won’t bother anybody right?