Mawra’s Instagram feed is full of  different shades of pink. She pulls off every shade of pink in a very exquisite manner. The pinks on her feed consists of various shades starting from bright hot pink to soft  pastel pink and then baby pink. Her outfits are amazing and she is genuinely the best  when it comes to carry the color pink.

This hot pink tee is perfect for the casual look. It is comfortable and breezy for summers.

Mawra looks extremely beautiful is this light shade of pink. The outfit consists of perfect embellishments and subtle makeup looks makes the look even more attractive.

The light pink blazer and the hot pink sweater paired with light blue denim creates a perfect contrast. She looks extremely mesmerizing in this attire.

Fresh color is here! Hot pink floral shirt with white pants looks flawless. Mawra is wearing the perfect shade of lipstick which matching with the outfit.

Oh she wears pink at night as well. The stripped pajama shirt is sign that you’re ready to flaunt the night suit look!
The trendy cut and this pink looks gorgeous on her! Lovely formal and casual look.