We all know about Suhana khan already, the Pre-famous star kid who hasn’t really started her career yet but is ultra famous already! Suhana khan hasn’t really begun to step on her father’s favorite thing to do, but she has given us a little surprise to be pictured by vogue, and be on the covers of the well known magazine! Who knows she might be the next star screen kid?
Here I’ll show you the looks she’s been the given, the makeup that went with it, and how she’s ripped off every look perfectly.


Suhana khan surprised all of us here! Her makeup goes way too well with the look she is starring here! And her expressions are like a goddess! She really knows how to pull off a photo shoot and act like a model.


Another princess-y yet sexy look portrayed by Suhana khan! She’s wearing a superb stylish one shoulder top with a nice long skirt! She’s a chocolaty goddess with all that skin tone game and makeup that went it it! Woah!


Another fantastic look given on by Suhana! She has given an A to every picture by her sleek body and how she styles/moves it for every picture! The subtle makeup goes fit with the nude colored clothes she’s wearing, and of course the expression game going strong as usual!


Funky long boots, and dark nude colored dress here looks way hot on her people! Is she a model? Her talent looks polished here as she handles gives justice to this look and picture giving it a perfect vogue cover look that it had to look like!


All eyes on suhana here as we are drooling her look here! Her portrayal for this look is fab because of her dreamy body and expressions!
She’s definitely going to be a model in the coming years! She stands with perfection and her vibe is pure goals!


Talent is in her genes! Last but not the least she looks ravishing on the covers of vogue! she hummed her entry onto the covers, but maybe who knows she’s a future star like her dad?