Areeba is resilient and hardworking. She has been persistent and look where it got her!

Be it a magazine cover, commercial shoot or runway modelling, hers is the first name that comes to everybody’s mind.

Her sensuality and down to earth personality makes her approachable yet captivating at the same time.


Areeba Habib is in her mid-twenties, but she speaks with the confidence of a veteran in the modelling industry. As a new face in the Pakistani modelling industry, it appears that she may be blessed with the professionalism this field requires, as well as the brains to adapt to its incredibly steep learning curve.

She accepts the fact that a model has to undergo a constant learning process in the initial phase of her modelling career, and to stay focused and sane one needs to stand their ground. Areeba also believes that the entire perception of the modelling industry in society is taking a step in the positive direction and draws hope from this development. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Fashion and Business from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design.

Given that the essential role of a model is to walk on the run way and pose for fashion shoots, it is truly remarkable that Areeba has managed to shine as a budding style icon in the fashion industry.

With her chameleon-like-ability to change her looks and her show-stopping sex appeal, Areeba is rising towards become a future glam goddess! The fact that she’s a beautiful and successful model hasn’t gotten to her head or made her immodest in any sense. She looks spectacular and she knows exactly what is expected of her and delivers it. As opposed to Areeba, all the other young models haven’t even made the cut in the industry and they already have their heads in the clouds.