She is Bold & Beautiful!! An Emerging fashionista and fitness trainer.

Virdah prides herself to be a Ecrivian and a fledging fashionista coming out of UAE. Born in Pakistan to a Multan based family, Virdah has been etre ‘a la mode. The thriving young tumultuous girl made her way to her dreams as she did her A’Levels followed by acquiring a prestigious degree in Mass Communication. The trailblazer has managed to be mother of 14 month old baby boy at the age of 27. Virdah first made a name for herself while working for Etisalat for 3 years.
It did not take long for Dubai to recognize her as a blogger envisioning the ease and complexities faced by young mothers through her writings.
She has cumulated significant followers not just because of her fashion breeding but for being a sergeant for mothers who endeavor to lose post pregnancy weight.
You have become an inspiration for the youth and young mothers. What has been your inspiration?

My son has been my foremost inspiration as I went through a bout of postpartum depression. Nobody talks about it and that baffles me. For 8 months after I gave birth, I was severely depressed. I had panic and anxiety attacks. And even though I had the support of my amazing family, nothing seemed to work. I had taken a break from work to look after my baby so I was usually home. And one day, I couldn’t stop crying at all. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. But I turned to see my son’s face and realized that I had to be strong for him. That’s when I started writing about life as a new mom and you’ll see that a lot of my older posts are actually rants! But I had decided to take care of my physical as well as mental health and I wasn’t going to give up.
Talking about fitness, what in your opinion is the most recommended way to lose weight and maintain health simultaneously?
Mindset. Nobody gains weight over a day so it will most likely not go away in a day. Consistency is key. But most importantly, try and stay positive. A balanced diet and a few hours in the gym are what helped me the most.
What is your take on these 42 days challenges going on these days?
It is a great initiative, if done correctly. Yet again, a balanced diet and working out are essential. It should, however, not be limited to 42 days but instead should be adopted as a lifestyle to maintain health.

Being a foodie and maintaining your body weight. How do you manage these two together?
It’s true, I am a complete foodie. I enjoy cooking elaborate meals at home, and dining out is a great part of my life here in Dubai. My mantra is to not starve or deprive myself of anything I feel like but definitely tracking my food intake. If I indulge in a scrumptious high calorie meal one day, I will make sure the next 2 days I eat healthy low calorie meals.
Do you follow all fashion trends or you believe in having your own style statement?
I don’t follow fashion trends. I wear what I am comfortable in and what suits my body type. It is very important to know what you look good in and therein develop a style of your own.
A degree in Mass Communication and interest in fashion, fitness and house chores. What is the reason behind this versatility?
A life of trying out new things is definitely what got me here. Once you get out of your comfort zone, you see that life is a journey where you aren’t meant to fulfil just one purpose/role. I’m just trying to discover all of mine.

You are doing almost everything young girls and women want to do these days. Is there anything you still look forward to do in life or are passionate about?

I am blessed to have a supportive family that enables me to fulfil my dreams and desires. At this moment I am content with where I am, but in the future I see myself as a motivational speaker for younger girls and possibly an entrepreneur. I have a great sense of fashion and I love designing clothes. I would love to start my own clothing line.

Did you ever think of acquiring this as a profession?
This is my hobby for now. I started blogging to get myself out of depression and help and support others who might be in the same boat as me. What I would call a profession is motivational speaking but I could not charge for it. It is something very close to my heart and I would like to keep it that way.
A few inspirational words you want to share with girls who are interested in fashion, fitness or for the ones who want to manage their married life and pursue their interests side by side?
Love and accept yourself. Support people whose destination is the same as yours. Because when women support each other, great things happen.
Favourite trend this season?
I am in love with mid length dresses and skirts. They never go out of fashion.
Your style Icons?
I believe style is a very personal choice. It says a lot about who you are. A person is loved for their style because it is personalized and individualistic. So I couldn’t possibly have a style icon other than myself, for their style would never fit me completely.
Virdah’s sartorial sense is the key behind her effortless style statement.