A Maestro, connoisseur and prima donna in the world of fashion and style!

Words may end when it comes to talk about the sensational work Mulaye has done and is continuing to do.

Sadia, the power behind the phenomena MULAYE, has an aesthetic sense of creativity that she copiously combines with delicate embellishment and contemporary tailoring to create a master piece.
The intricate embroidery patterns, perfect selection of fabric and paradisiacal cuts make her collection matchless. Once you enter the world of Mulaye, nothing is left uncatered.A blend of contemporary and classic composition is an inspiration from Mughal art, conceptualizing and portraying gossamer textures, flimsy silhouettes and dainty tones. Studying Mughal era might have been much boring in the history textbooks but Sadia’s collection gives you a compelling view of history through her unparalleled creative skills.The inkling sense of fashion of Mulaye brings the best of traditions and fashion to its clients. Never failing to keep its individuality, Sadia creates what would best look on a specific client and keeps in consideration what her clients are looking for. This aids her to create a mirror image of what her clients have in their minds.