Everybody has a dream house, lets face it. if you say you dont then you’re lying. Even if it is a small cottage on the top a hill, it is still a dream house. One of the houses that qualify as being the ultimate Home that one can ever wish for is undoubtedly the PM house which is vacant since our prime minister didn’t vouch for this luxurious haven. Lets check out how the house actually looks like from Inside out!

Here is the PM house from outside

Located at 44000 Constitution Avenue, Islamabad; The Pm house is based on Acres and Acres of Stunning architectural beauty

The Pm house has Two in-built helipad Access

Here is a view of this white glory from the top

This is where the PMs 61 plus luxury cars were parked

A breath Taking Entrance

The glorious blue and pastel toned hallways

Here is the opulent conference room

One of the drawing rooms

Another one here

The sitting area

It looks like some splendid 7 star hotel doesn’t it?

The outside Clearing

And the wides, spacious lush grounds