Abdullah Qureshi has been surprising his fans by experimenting his soulful voice in different music genres and the versatile Abdullah Qureshi has come again with a new pop ballad solo track called “Fasana”.

Written and performed by himself, in “Fasana”, Abdullah Qureshi has portrayed the story of a guy who’s revisiting his memories for his forgone lover. Mourning over memories, the male protagonist is looking for the gaps in his past relationship. In the hindsight, the guy ends up finding out that his lover has left him for another guy.

The video of the track “Fasana” brilliantly depicts two notions of the story. The visuals of memories are shown to be recorded with old camcorder, while the sorrowful present is show in monotone visuals.

The video, starring Emaan Khan as the forgone lover, is directed by Hamza Farooq and Roohi Kashifi. The track is written, composed and produced by Abdullah Qureshi himself, co-produced by Ammad Khan, video is made in collaboration with G6 media productions and it is mixed and mastered by MRKLE at Stardek.