About Us

Page 3 Magazine has catered to the au courant class of Pakistan for over a decade now. During this time Page 3 marked the unique place of being an upright fashion update of Pakistan that is published monthly. Connecting the world of fashion with what`s current, beautiful, stylish and inspiring, Page3 is past it’s numerous issues of being the unparalleled English magazine in Pakistan and holds the trust around the world.

Each issue is packed with a professional collection of fashion photography and editorial content, covering spectrum of to pictures from fashion and lifestyle to celebrities, community events, culture, beauty and more.

We are proud to state that Page 3 is the very first magazine to have reached such height. We are pleased to state that our aim is to give you an insight of fashion updates and forecasts. We feel proud to engender an up-to-date catalogue that’s has a massive fashion plea.

Editor in Chief & Publisher Kamran Saeed Ch

Managing Editor Nisha Kamran

Editor Wajeeha Qasim

Fashion Editor Maheen Haider

Editor (USA) Irfan Ibrahim

Art Director Zeeshan Saeed

Head of Marketing Anum Abbasi

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0092 302 8470079


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