Watch Out for Aima!

Kala baaz Dil,Be Fiqriyan and Ehle Dil have made her a star overnight .

Her duet with Mubashir Luqman made quite a buzz . Her recent stage performance with Atif Aslam was mesmerizing.

Aima’s unique ability is that she has one of the most astonishing voices on the small screen. How, in the entertainment industry abounding in gifted performers does Aima stands in a category unto herself? Well, she is a talent machine.

Apart from her striking good looks and body to match, Aima’s effervescence is hard to miss. Pakistan’s newest singing sensation has made fashionistas, fashion magazine editors, top-designers and even veteran producers sit up and take notice.And with solid stage performances, back to back hit songs and cover shoots for prestigious magazines, Aima describes herself as always satisfied, trustworthy, happy and faithful – and her happy-go-lucky personality certainly corresponds with her self-assessment. The diminutive mezzo soprano, who calls herself “a tiny one with not so tiny dreams,” has nearly thousands followers on social media sites.