Meesha Shaffi took onto twitter today to accuse Ali Zafar of harassing her on multiple occasions. She claims he betrayed her with his attitude and behaviour towards her repeatedly since she has known him for many years but she finally spoke up against him under the #metoo campaign that meant to empower women. Here is he tweet,

Where fans from both sides were shocked by these tweets. The media tried to contact Ali Zafar to know his response on the matter since everyone believed that both sides should be given an equal chance.

Here is Ali Zafar’s response towards the sexual Harassment accusations,

Ali Zafar breaks his silence on the matter and categorically denies any accusations. He claims that Meesha Shafi is trying to defame him and his public reputation. He further stated that he will take the matter into court against her and propelled the idea that she did this due to some personal vendetta against him.

Who is telling the truth? well we would just have to wait and watch.