Shehzad Raza has been the king of the Lahore Makeup Industry for a very long time. He has ruled the fashion world and has been the king maker for quite some time now.

His salon, situated in the heart of Lahore, is a go-to place for the elite crowd of Lahore. The quality of services provided by this studio has been set as a benchmark for the other salons to match.Shehzad Raza sets most of the makeup trends around. He has his signature makeup style that so many girls literally die for. With his makeup skills he transforms the girls into flawless princesses right out of the fairy tales. Its not only her makeup looks for the fashion shoots, but also the kind of makeovers that he gives to the brides. They are mind blowing. We have yet to find a makeup artist who does better Walima brides than Shehzad Raza.The flawless foundation to the detailed eye makeup and the perfect pout. There is nothing that could get better in those looks. The best thing about the makeup looks that the girls get at Athar Shehzad Studio is that it always has an individuality. Even in the times when all the girls were roaming around with the chunks of glitters on the eyes and a handful of highlighter all over their cheeks, Shahzad still managed to keep his signature style stand out while focusing on the individual features and not just the trends.

Its safe to say, Athar Shehzad is our favorite salon in Lahore.