From themed fashion shows to magical events and with the immaculate attention to detail and personalized touches Rezz aces all.

Rezz is synonymous with grandeur and glamour since his foray into event planning. Not the one to subscribe to the ordinary.

He is the king of extravaganza and the master when it comes to creating an aura through his work.

How I got into the event business?

Always wanted to do something in PR and Fashion since I was growing , did my studies and tried getting jobs , and finally tried my luck hosting managing a grand fashion show in Islamabad which turned out to be a success so no turning back from there .

What inspired me to start styling as a profession?

You see somethings are inborn, I always wanted to direct fashion shows and my dream came true with my passion on the runway shows , and the PR and Launches work is a baby fashion show as I call it as it has Red carpet and models and all glam bling bling to make it rock .

How I would describe my personal sense of style?

Iam very casual in dressing so perhaps smart casual

When it comes to work you are mostly seen wearing?

My lowers, superstars, jeans and zippers mostly

Something that surprises me about the industry?

How people change when they have some what fame. Wont take names but some PEOPLE who used to be extra nice to me now think
they are Queens and Kings of some Kingdom have chip on their shoulder.
Hahhahhaa they forget im NOT a fan with an autograph book outside their home. Pataaato Patato

Most memorable experience from my career?

You see when you have done nearly all launches in Isloo and directed numerous fashion shows its not easy to pick one.
But I enjoyed doing show with Deepak Perwani in Lahore , Sobia Nazir in Islamabad and Faraz Manan in Dubai.

My style icons are?

I love Bebo Kareena Kapoor and Queen Rania

Favourite trends this season?

Be yourself and carry with grace and confidence

Work quality I am most admired for?

Im Honest, Punctual and NOT a Fakester

Coolest part about my job?

Work for my self so don’t have to wake up at 7 am LOL

Work routine on a regular day?

Depends on work loads, somedays are heavy and some are very lazy home bound perhaps all day in night suit . So all depends on work

Advice for a younger you?

Be yourself and do what you like but do it with passion and put 100 % in it.