A video of two restaurant owners in Islamabad making fun of their manager’s broken English has been viral on the social media.

The video opens with a woman named Uzma and her friend Dia, who decide to introduce the audience to their restaurant Cannoli’s staff because they are “bored”.

They both interrogate him and they claim that Awais was one of their first hires when they opened their café. When asked how many classes he took for English, Awais says he took three classes and each class spanned six months.

‘He’s our manager,’ she says. ‘Dia, would you like to ask him a few questions?’

As soon as the video went viral on Twitter, many users came forward to show their support for Awais and condemned his employers’ insensitive act.

There’s an outrage on the social media and people say that humans like  Uzma and Dia is a “tragedy” for the society.

Shahbaz Taseer, who requested his followers to help him find Awais’ number, said he spoke to him and offered him a post at his company.

Later, team Cannoli defended itself in an Instagram post and said the people “misconstrued their banter with a team member”.

They said they don’t need to prove that they are “kind employers”.

Shaniera Akram, wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram, lashed out at owners of the Islamabad café over insulting their employee for his failure to speak English and challenge them for a competition. She said that she challenges these ladies to an English competition,” Shaneira wrote on Instagram in response to one of the owners who appeared in the viral video starting the discussion.

What do you think of this inhumane act?