Dr Zari Salahuddin is a graduate in Medical Sciences (MBBS) from University of Health Sciences, Lahore. She has served in various clinical setups including Hearts International (Rawalpindi), Wapda Hospital (Lahore) before pursuing academic side of Medical Sciences. She served as lecturer for Pharmacology at UOG Medical College (Gujrat) before joining University of Health Sciences (Lahore) to pursue her Mphil Degree in Pharmacology.

She has a strong interest in human eating trends and its impact on health. She is a certified nutritionist of LUMS and since 2019 is running Fat to Fit Health/ Nutrition consultancy for clients of various age and medical background in Lahore. Her work is based on a close linkage with the client through a detailed profiling of his/ her medical profile and relation with prevailing issue. Dr Zari guides the client towards a dietary and lifestyle change which is thoroughly appreciated in a very limited circle of business she maintains. Fat to Fit works with maximum 10 clients per cycle of  1 month to 3 months period. The aim is to heal the body

through an intake of highly balanced, low carb diet plan covering entire day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The plan makes settlement in lifestyle as well by encouraging workout and meal timings.

 Fat to Fit has recently launched Lahore’s first “Power Kid Meal” plan for children between age of 4-14. The diet is especially composed for children’s development need and a balanced body. Fat to Fit’s slogan

“Not anything to Eat, Only The best for your kid”

Is gearing attention all across Lahore amongst parents avoiding junk food culture for their children. Dr Zari believes that the path to a disease most commonly emerges from a loophole in lifestyle or dietary patterns. If addressed before time, a certain percentage of diseases common to human body can be avoided.

What inspired you to do this?

The etiology of most acquired diseases is related to lifestyle. I believe instead of modifying ourselves after we acquire a disease,its better to opt for a healthy life style at the earliest. Diet is the main component of health. You eat good, you attain strong immunity and the ability to combat diseases. This idea inspired me to work on this approach.

What are the frequent questions you ask your clients?

My interview starts with their lifestyle. What they eat, how much exercise they do, Are they under a stressful routine, for how long they have been obese, and what actually weight loss means to them.

What is the most common mistake people make which causes them to fail at their diet?

People consider their bodies as machines with their desired manual. They want a sudden weight loss through abrupt crash diets which severely affects their health. Crash diets result in failures and people put on weight again as soon as they quit.

What is the best way to make sure that we eating healthy?

Your diet should have “right portion of right things”. It must have good fats, healthy carbs, adequate amounts of proteins and all essential minerals. A diet rich in healthy staples, fruits, vegetables, white meat can help you lead a healthy life.

What are the good sources of protein?

White meat, eggs, milk ,lentils (red beans), broccoli and oats are some really good sources of proteins.

What are the good foods and the bad foods?

Keeping it simple, Foods which are least processed and least fried are good foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, white meat in grilled or steamed form, fresh juices, shakes are good foods. They build up your immunity and do not put extra burden on the liver to detoxify the unwanted chemicals we obtain from certain fried items. All sorts of fried items,junks, refined sugar items, and processed foods build up your fat content of the body and lead you towards obesity. They must be taken in very limited quantities or for change of taste only.

What about sugar free and diet foods? Are they beneficial to health?

Depends how a person defines diet food. Diet foods are good only if they offer balanced portion of every meal. If you say eating only fresh salads whole day is a “diet food” then, it will be a disaster. You can obviously lose weight easily if you quit unhealthy foods and switch to good foods in a balanced way instead of starving yourselves. In the same manner, use of refined sugar must be minimal and not a routine.

How important is fiber?

Fiber is very important for adequate gut functioning and gut motility. They keep us full for long and prevent us from gaining extra weight. Bowel health significantly depends on fibers.

What kind of fat ok to eat?

Well, plant/vegetable fats are good as they have unsaturated fatty acids which are heart friendly. They include olive oil, soya been oil, corn oil. They reduce risk of heart diseases. Omega 3 fats are also good for intake. But all fats must be used in moderate or limited amount.

What to do when you have poor appetite?

Poor appetite can be due to many factors. It can be due to stress, hormonal imbalance or a disease state. Like most liver diseases present themselves in the form of loss of appetite. It is essential that a person goes for a complete medical work up if problem of poor appetite persists for long .

How to deal with weight loss?

Opt for a a sustained, slow and healthy weight loss. A quick weight loss is never good and can lead to a number of diseases like gall stones. Your aim must not be to have a quick weight loss, but to have a sustained weight loss, and not to regain the pounds you have lost.

Sum up your goal in one sentence?

Awareness of the masses regarding the close relation between food and health.

What are the future plans?

Future plans are to come up with diet plans for all ages including kids and to go beyond Lahore someday.

Her client include male and female with gall bladder diseases, obesity, fatty liver, joints pain, PCOS, anemia, gout (high uric acid levels) etc and she has achieved over 80% of client satisfaction through a balanced and control diet.