Saba Qamar never fails to be our country’s unambiguous actress. More Power to You Saba Qamar!

Saba Qamar is the most bold and versatile actress who is never afraid of being herself whether it is reel or real. Her acting skills in this campaign by Cola Next are exceptional. As discrimination among sexes continues in our society it is fascinating for the audience to see Saba Qamar as the protagonist. She portrays a strong woman explicitly in the campaign that no one could have done it better.

The advertisement is demonstrated in a very unique way from costume to the concept and the lyrics of the song of course. The lyrics are so energetic for example “Level Barha Kuch Next Kar, Josh Ko Apne Test Kar”. Previously, for such lyrics the advertisement had to be male oriented but this time the campaign is dominated by a female which is the basic motivation for the women around. She is riding bikes, fighting all the bad guys and walking the ramp with grandeur and also the red color symbolizes power and positivity. The performance altogether is so fierce that encourage all the women to break the social construct and norms that support male dominance.

This campaign by Cola Next has surely set the bar high in the beverage industry with such a remarkable idea. The audience is totally loving the intuitive planning by Cola Next and impeccable style of the mesmerizing and the super talented actress Saba Qamar.

Digital & PR Agency: Kreative Sparks