The #Pawrihoraihai video was extremely viral on the social media and it has become the hot topic now. Different people are recreating it and there is a song made out of the video as well. Who is the girl behind the video?

Dananeer Mobeen is the girl behind this video and everyone is loving her content. She is basically a social media influencer and create amazing content for her followers. This girl belongs to Islamabad and her video is storming the social media right now.

Basically the video she made targeted the burgers that go to the Northern areas and the kind of videos the make there. Little did she know that video will become everybody’s favourite.

Several people including celebrities recreated the video such a Ali Zafar, Saba Qamar, Ijaz Aslam and the meme community; there is no stopping to the ‘Pawri Horai Hai’ fever.

In her recent story Dananeer said that she is humbled and overwhelmed by the response and the recreations and this enjoyment is the only thing that matters to her.

What do you think about this video…..?