As the month of March arrives, women in droves march towards the designer lawn outlets and cause a stampede. Every women desire’s to get her hands on the best pieces even if it means surpassing all boundaries of basic decorum.

According to a recent research, it was found that in the first day of launch of a popular lawn brand, there are around 10,000 women who visit the outlet all day long.

Check out this video of the first lawn stampede that occurred in 2015 at the Agha Noor outlet in Karachi.

After that it was like a domino effect with women going mad all over the country over pieces of clothing (literally). From Sapphire and khaadi’s 50% off sale to Élans new designer lawn collection, women are ready to take out their claws and fight for it!

The culture of elitism and materialism in our society is never-ending and it is a rather sad thing to behold. Let’s take India for example, they choose to spend their hard earned money on intangible things that matter, such as education or travel.

“Indian tourists are among the world’s highest-spending globetrotters”, states a researcher Lin from Singapore.

What do we like to spend on?

Not only India but Bangladesh which we consider a poor country spends 5 times more on savings than an average Pakistani consumer according to a recent survey. And what do we do?

It is heart breaking to behold what our priorities are as a nation.