I’ve always loved traveling, but it was my recent visit to the Alpine Hotel and Resort that took my wanderlust to a whole new level. As I drove up to the property, the free valet parking was the first pleasant surprise.

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No hassle, no fuss. The absence of an elevator could have been a snag, but the friendly staff was eager to assist, making it effortless to reach my room.

Checking in was an experience in itself. The room I had booked was cozy and well-equipped, boasting a 24-hour room service, a minibar brimming with a variety of refreshing beverages, and a comfortable LCD TV for some late-night entertainment. Not to mention the fireplace that added a rustic charm and warmed the room during the cool alpine evenings.

During my stay, I was struck by the undeniable passion and effort put into making the Alpine Hotel a sanctuary for its guests. I met the owner, a vivacious woman with a love for gardening that was palpable the moment she started speaking about it. She shared with me that she had meticulously planted and cared for the flora adorning the hotel.

Each corner of the hotel was a testament to her green thumb – from the beautiful terrace that housed a stunning variety of flowers to the well-maintained garden that was an oasis of calm and tranquility. She shared that her gardening efforts were not just about aesthetics, but also about creating a peaceful environment where guests could relax and unwind.

One of the most thoughtfully designed aspects of the hotel was its commitment to accessibility. Wheelchair-width doorways, visual fire alarms, and in-room accessibility options were a testament to the inclusive nature of the hotel. There were also rooms with roll-in showers, and the doorbell and phone notification system made it easier for every guest to feel comfortable and well cared for.

The restaurant at the hotel was another highlight. From breakfast to dinner, it served a delectable array of dishes that left me satiated and satisfied. The complimentary tea and coffee makers in the room were the icing on the cake, especially for a caffeine-lover like me.

When it was time to check out, I found that the hotel had one final surprise – a free self-parking area, ensuring a seamless departure for the guests.

My visit to the Alpine Hotel was more than just a stay. It was a journey of discovering the love and care that went into each detail of this establishment, and the passion that the owner had for making this place a haven for all her guests. I left with not just fond memories, but a newfound appreciation for how much a dedicated owner could elevate the experience of staying at a hotel. If you are planning to visit this part of the world, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Alpine Hotel. But don’t just stay there – take some time to meet the owner, stroll through the garden, and experience the love that has been poured into every nook and corner.