Indulging in guilt-free sweet treats has never been this delightful! You might be wondering, “How’s that even possible?” Well, let us introduce you to the genius behind the scenes at Diet by Design – none other than the incredible Sadia Salman.

At their Indulgence café nestled in Packages Mall, they’ve conjured up something truly magical. Imagine a place where sugar-free desserts reign supreme, and your sweet tooth can roam free without any remorse! From heavenly fudge brownies to zesty lemon tarts, comforting apple pies, and velvety chocolate mousse – their menu is a dream come true for dessert lovers.

But wait, there’s more! They don’t stop at sweet indulgence; they’re all about balance. For those seeking savory satisfaction, the options are equally mouthwatering. Picture yourself savoring a delicious chicken puff pastry, biting into a delectable chicken croissant, or savoring the zing of a jalapeno sandwich.

So, whether you’re a dedicated health enthusiast or simply watching what you eat, this café is your go-to spot for pure culinary joy.

Sadia Salman is a certified nutritionist from Tufts University, USA and the CEO of Diet by Design. She has over 9 years of experience in treating patients with various health issues through food both in Pakistan and in Canada. Most of her work is on managing diseases like hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes etc through weight management. She believes in building a healthy community by educating the masses in any capacity that she can. Her health blogs are a part of her awareness campaign.