We all know that meaty Eid is around the corner and everyone nowadays is searching for amazing mutton/beef recipes but as we all know that eating excessive red meat could be dangerous for heart health and for the body as well. Here are some tips that you should follow to maintain your health this Bakra Eid.

  1. Go for a walk

Make sure you manage time for walk this Eid. A walk after a meal is a must so that the fats burn properly and stomach digests food efficiently.

  • A cup of green tea will help

Green tea is amazing for burning fats and calories. Having it after every meal proves to be very helpful in terms of getting rid of extra layer of fats. Adding a little drops of lemon will boost your metabolism and will maintain your health.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks

Soft and fizzy drinks gives you relief for the time being but will trouble with your stomach. You might get sick throughout the Eid days.

  • Take care of intervals between the meals

Make sure you take a gap of six hours between two meals. Also don’t rush to eat, slow eating and proper chewing will help you in better digestion.

  • Eat but don’t overeat

 Eating meat has nothing wrong with it for you but it is really very important to keep it in a limit. You can eat meat but please don’t overeat. It can make trouble with your stomach and subsequently you will be regretting about staying sick throughout the Eid days.

Make sure you take care of these tips and follow them!