Here are 5 winter essentials you must have in your closet this winter season!

1) A statement coat

Everyone has a white shirt and blue jeans in their wardrobe right? That is a basic rule so how can we mix it up that combination and take it up a notch higher during winters. Pair a fluffy fur coat, or a colorful statement cost, teddy jacket, a trendy puffer coat or a mini coat with that look and you will end up looking 10 times classier with that look

2) A pair of ankle boots

Wearing shoes sometimes dictates if you wish for a casual or more high fashion look. Mostly sneakers are associated with an everyday informal look but ankle boots add a level of sophistication to an outfit. Your appearance becomes chic and well put together.

3) Sweaters

Sweaters look extremely cute and cozy. Be it casual or throw on a statement sweater you can end up looking more dressed up just by throwing on a good sweater into your look effortlessly.

Chunky knitted sweaters are totally in this season and so are the soft cashmere ones that have vibrant asymmetric designs. Buying a sweater is always a safe bet and tends to complete a winter look.

4) Turtle neck sweaters

Turtle necks are Great for layering specially underneath statement jackets. They look classy and high fashion. You can go for thin or chunky neck turtle neck sweater pull up your hair in a high pony tail or a bun and wear hoop earrings with it. You got yourself a perfect everyday look

5) A biker jacket

Biker jackets also known as leather jackets adds a little bit of an edge to outfit. You can take up your look from coolly feminine to ruggedly trendy. Leather jackets paired up with a white shirt and blue jeans will be your safest bet, pair it up with ankle boots and a cute clutch. You got an artful winter look.