“Some friends aren’t really friends they are family”, the bonding between the four heroes of Ehd e Wafa has proved this. The plot revolves around their friendship, from bunking classes and enjoying their hostel life to focusing on their aims and overcoming the hardships in their practical life. This drama is popular amongst the youth and has taken off for sure.

What do you think about latest episode?

Yesterday’s episode was absolutely beautiful. It was full of some amazing social messages which were presented in the most subtle manner. There were so many brilliant conversations in this episode and quite a few heart-warming scenes. It was very good to see how Saad’s father has changed over the years first he was so distant now he was interacting in such a friendly manner. Another truly impactful scene in tonight’s episode was the conversation Saad and Dua had when they were walking back to the car. Then the scenes between Rani and Shahzain are funny and cute at the same time. The best part in the entire episode was where Saad and Shehryar reunite and talk about their group. This scene was truly the most impactful. Are you waiting for Shahzain to forget all the grudges and to join the group?

Keep watching Ehd e Wafa to see this happening……