Yesterday’s episode was definitely very refreshing and truly impactful. Viewers were able to see the progress in the lives of all four characters. They all were given equal time onscreen. This is surely the first Pakistani drama where we are able to see such career oriented youngsters.

The conversation between Shariq and Shahzain shows how two friends could be so different. Shahzain is inspired by his mentor and he proves to be a backstabber for Shariq. Shahzain is also doing unfair to Rani in his political career. Saad and Gulzar’s conversation was funny again. The chemistry between Saad and Dua was remarkable in the entire episode. The preview of episode 20 was very interesting as we see Saad will leave for his serious mission which has left the viewers on the cliffhanger. Shehryar will pass his exams and Shahzain mislead Shehryar again by saying that he helped him pass the CSS exam. This will leave Shehryar expressionless.

Do you think Shahzain will change positively in the next episode or will it get worse?

Keep watching Ehd e Wafa………