Not long ago, I had the chance to immerse myself in the Hollywood Holidays at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, and it was truly a magical experience. The unique Christmas ambiance, typically associated with Western countries and often depicted in Hollywood movies, was vividly brought to life in Dubai. Everything, from the lively festive parades to the captivating street shows and delightful meetings with Santa, brimmed with the joy and spirit of the holiday season.

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MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, known as the region’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park, truly outdid itself in capturing the essence of Christmas. As I walked through the park, I was immersed in a world of holiday splendor, complete with parades, live shows, and the joyous spirit of Christmas. The celebration, which lasts until January 7, 2024, offers a plethora of activities that embody the festive season’s magic.

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The Centerpiece: A Magnificent 40-Foot Christmas Tree

The centerpiece of the event, a magnificent 40-foot Christmas tree, stood tall and decorated to perfection. It wasn’t just a beautiful sight; it was also the perfect backdrop for my social media pictures. Around the tree, a variety of exciting activities were set up, each promising a unique and delightful experience.

Home For Christmas: A Heartwarming Stage Show

One of the highlights of my visit was the ‘Home For Christmas’ live stage show at the Hollywood Theatre. The show featured Mr. Humbug, a grumpy old man set on avoiding holiday cheer. This classic Christmas tale unfolded through live music and the introduction of quirky characters, each teaching valuable holiday lessons. It was a performance that captured the true spirit of Christmas.

Hollywood Holidays Parade: A Festive Spectacle

The Hollywood Holidays Parade was a spectacle to behold. Beloved characters like Shrek, Po, King Julien, and the Smurfs, all dressed in festive attire, danced joyfully down Studio Central. The excitement and anticipation of the fans, including myself, were palpable as we waited for the parade to march by. The lively atmosphere created by the parade was infectious and added to the overall festive spirit.

Time To Sleigh: Street Performances and Meet and Greets

The ‘Time To Sleigh’ street show at Studio Central was another delightful experience. Featuring a reindeer-led dance show and performances by elves and toy soldiers, it left the crowd, including me, absolutely thrilled. The opportunity to meet and greet these talented dancers added a personal touch to the experience. For the younger fans, encounters with characters like Alex the Lion, Gloria, and King Julien brought the holiday magic to life.

Smurfmass Show and Festive Night Markets

A visit to the Smurfs Village for the ‘Smurfmass Show’ was a must. The live street dance performance by Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Vanity, and Brainy captured the joyous spirit of the season. Additionally, the festive night markets were a paradise for food lovers. From decadent crepes and cookies to churros and cotton candies, the alfresco setting made everything more enjoyable. The holiday-special meals, including Festive Turkey Carving Set and Turkey Vindaloo, were mouthwatering. Shopping at the themed retail shops for Hollywood-themed souvenirs was the perfect way to remember this magical experience.