Farhan truly is the jack of all trades but master of none? You decide! Farhan began his career in 2004
at the age of 19. He was the lead vocalist of Jal the band and gained recognition and stardum
through it after which Farhan ventured into acting in 2014 with the drama serial De ijazat jo tu,
He met the love of his life and his wife Urwa Hocane during the shooting of the ARY drama serial;

But the highlight of his acting career was his role of Arsalan opposite Iqra Aziz in the super hit Ramadan special serial Suno Chanda (which has a sequel coming up so fingers crossed for that!) His sparring personality and not so easy to get along
with nature made him the jack of all hearts too.

In a recent interview with the news, Farhan discussed how he wishes to venture into direction too,
“I wanted to see the world from behind the camera because part of acting is knowing what goes on
the monitor. In the coming future, I would like to direct a film too but this was more about polishing
myself as an actor”

Wao Farhan! Best of luck for that. We cant wait to see how good you are with direction too now!
Not only this but Farhan goes Hollywood this year!
He recently shot a music video in New York with Rishi Rich who programmed it. Chris O’Ryan,
producer of Justin Bieber’s new song produced it, with Adnan Qazi directing and Saeed composing
the track.

On top of that he opened a hard rock cafe in Hussain Chowk Lahore in 2010 with the music theme
and proved that he is also a gifted entrepreneur.
Oh what don’t you have Farhan?