PCOS is basically Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Its symptoms include: 

1)  Ovarian cysts

2)  Irregular Periods

3)   Acne

4)  Thinning Hair

According to researchers the causes of PCOS are complicated, but insulin resistance and hormone regulation are key factors.   Eating the right foods and avoiding certain ingredients may help you manage your symptoms. A nourishing diet can help regulate your hormones.

5) Weight Gain

  • Avoid processed and preserved foods

Eating processed, heavily preserved foods can contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance.  I These foods are as close to their natural, unprocessed state as possible such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are whole foods that you can add to your diet.  Without hormones and preservatives, your endocrine system can better regulate your blood sugar.

  • Balance carb and protein intake

Carbohydrates and protein both impact your energy and hormone levels. Eating protein stimulates your body to produce insulin and eating high carb foods can improve insulin sensitivity.

  • Improve your iron intake

The heavy bleeding can result in iron deficiency or anemia. Therefore it is important to consume foods with iron such as spinach, apples, eggs, broccoli etc.

  • Improve your magnesium intake

Foods such as almonds, cashews, spinach, and bananas are PCOS-friendly foods rich in magnesium. 

  • Add fiber to your diet

 A diet high in fiber can help improve your digestion. Lentils, lima beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pears, and avocados are all rich in fiber.

  • Lessen caffeine consumption

Cut out coffee Caffeine consumption may be linked to changes in estrogen levels and hormone behavior.

Try out these and let us know!