Making a fantastic debut with his first ever single, Haadi Uppal’s song “Te Quiero” that features sensation Aima Baig, has taken the country by a storm.  From the beguiling lyrics to the groovy tune, each element for this song resonates with the sentiments of what people feel at a certain point in life.

Inspiring to interpret thoughts, Te Quiero harmonizes the gentle feelings that bud deep within people. It captures the beauty and purity that resides in romance making individuals more open yet respectful. Penned down by Shakeel Sohail and composed & produced by Shiraz Uppal, this song truly highlights the progression of emotions in every way.

The video for this song perfectly balances out the overall theme as well. It shows two young people who are together but still not together at the same time. It beautifully captures the flashbacks, which show the deep connection each one of them feels for the other. The concept of the video portrays, that no matter how far you go, there is only going to be one person in the end that you would let in your heart.

Talking about this further, Haadi Uppal says: “Born and raised in New York, I have always been a huge fan of western music. It fascinates me to see and understand that what connects with the youth today. I want to grasp the genre and zone that sets best with them. Te Quiero, is a song that is heartfelt yet relatable for the youth in Pakistan. Having also dabbled a bit with play back singing, this song is my true calling for making youngsters associate better with their emotions.”

Furtherrmore, Aima Baig quoted ”It has been quite some time, since a voice as powerful as Haadi’s has grabbed my attention. The originality in this song brings out the best components. Starting right from the feel to the vibe, we tried to keep everything very soft and gentle. This song truly enhances feelings and emotions that each one of us senses. Right now the world is hurting and through this song we want to bring some sort of joy and comfort to people’s heart.”

Te Quiero indeed is a masterpiece that is going to pull you through and brighten up your day with fascinating lyrics, delighted moments and enthralling chemistry.

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