Hadiqa Kiani has just dropped her first single from the new album WAJD and it’s even better than we expected!

The song Kamlee Da Dhola features live instruments and no auto-tunes.

The album introduces eight tracks recorded in pure organic form in a live studio format, encapsulating the individuality of each featured musician and their respective instrument.

HadiqaKiani is the ultimate queen of pop she has been showcasing artistic growth that has soul and not just shimmer, courtesy of her new project, Wajd.
Wajd not only looks like her most ambitious undertaking but also sounds like the most personal album she has put out till date. The first song from the upcoming album is here, we can honestly say that the hype surrounding this particular record is really not overstating matters. It really is a knock-out of a song.
Each song from the album Wajd has been dubbed by Hadiqa as “chapter” and each chapter is accompanied by visuals that have been conceptualized, shot and directed by Abdullah Harris.
Therefore, the first song or chapter if you will is called ‘Kamlee Da Dhola’. Released on Patari and sung in Saraiki, it is a folk song that has been sung by various singers over the years including Reshma and most notably, Musarrat Nazir. Hadiqa’s rendition of the song is incredible because she sings with a mix of authority and soul.
Running just over eight minutes, ‘Kamlee Da Dhola’ is produced by IrfanKiani and has been recorded in a single-take live studio format. The opening words belong to Baba Bulleh Shah while the opening melody is composed by Hadiqa herself.
While the full song is available to listen to and fall in love with on the music streaming site Patari, the complete video of the song that has been shot at Mian Yousuf Salahuddin’s famous Haveli Barood khana in the old city of Lahore and put together by the visionary Abdullah Harris is highly recommended.