Meet Mr. Jalal G. Karim who is bright, able and multitalented. He is a Pakistani-born YouTuber, cricketer, and the owner of GK HOMES, a building and real estate business.

His YouTube channel consists of different cultures of Pakistan from beautiful people, different cultures to exquisite cuisines which make Pakistan even more interesting. The popularity of Pakistani cuisine and its aesthetics have been effectively promoted by Jalal, whose YouTube channel now has more than 200k active subscribers worldwide.

In addition to his love of the cuisine and locations of his native country, Jalal plays cricket professionally. He has competed in state-level professional cricket in Malaysia. In six matches, he has played for the Malaysian state of Sabah, scoring 156 runs and taking 4 wickets.

His development and real estate firm, GK HOMES, manages project development, acquisition, regeneration, construction, and operation in Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. It also carries out residential and building projects. As a significant player in the real estate sector, GK HOMES also provides insightful market data that informs various real estate industry participants about trends and opportunities.

In order to create and surpass goals, provide good services, and produce extraordinary outcomes and services, Jalal uses some of his athletic skills, such as a positive mentality, strong sense of motivation, goal setting, self-discipline, and a strong sense of focus in his business.