There comes a time when you are exhausted of your daily routine and strict schedules and often a vacation is one of the only ways we you escape and getaway. The north of Pakistan has beautiful mountains, majestic valleys and serene landscapes. There are several resorts and hotels purposely made for vacations to cater the tourists. If you’re looking for carefree and fun vacation them Holiday Grand Resort Bhurban is the best. Due to its amazing location Bhurban, Murree, affordable rates and it’s proximity to restaurants and shops.

This place will definitely allow you to relax and forget about all the stress of everyday life. There are various kinds of rooms and suites available from presidential suites to royal suites and from deluxe room to club room.

Moreover, this luxurious resort provides with outdoor activities like some joyous rides and horse riding. It is perfect for a family vacation as well as the kids will enjoy safely and you can relax. There are also other board games available for the kids and table tennis too.

In addition to this, this resort has a spacious rooftop where there is live music and BarBQ buffet.

Moreover, this resort has mouth watering food. There is scrumptious breakfast buffet provided by the resort. The food is served keeping in mind the essential SOPs and resort in general is taking necessary COVID-19 precautions. So staying here is safe and healthy.

This hotel definitely provides amazing views of beautiful mountains around. The area is very comfortable and safe for families specially. This resort should definitely be at the top of your family vacation ideas wish list.

Famous celebrities like Nadia Khan, Abrar ul Haq, Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan has stayed here and they loved the resort and the ambiance.

We @page3magazine enjoyed here and would definitely recommend everyone else. This resort should definitely be on the top of your vacation wish list both in summers and winters. In summers it will provide you an escape from scorching heat and time for some relaxation and in winters you can experience the most beautiful snowfall here.

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