Ever since Hamza (Farhan Saeed) and Hala (Hania Aamir) got married on-screen, the drama Mere Humsafar has become popular. Many internet users have developed a special spot in their hearts for them due to their chemistry, unbreakable friendship, and acting. Hamza embodies the qualities that all brown men should possess. His devoted and loving attitude for Hala is raising expectations in the minds of the audience. The girls were unable to stop praising Hamza and asking God to provide them a soul like his. Here are some reasons as to why Hamza is considered as an ideal husband by the viewers.

  1. Hamza is a wonderful person who understands how to strike a balance between his mother and his wife.
  2. He is a loving husband who encourages his wife to gain self-assurance and financial independence.
  3. Hamza is not shown as a toxic male who puts pressure on his wife to conform to the existing rules in the house but encourages her to alter what she wants.
  4. He for sure knows all of his relationships- he is the best son, grandson, brother, and husband.
  5. The character Hamza is breaking stereotypes as he seen crying in the drama and promotes male and female equality in the drama.