When life gives you lemons, no you don’t made lemonade out of it because it has loads of sugar. You make detox water out of it. Yes you heard it right! Look let’s be clear over here. Losing weight is not going to happen overnight for you nor will it happen within weeks. The process takes variable time for different people but the technique is the same.


Pakistani foods are famous for being loaded with salt “Daikhna zara namak kam tou nae?” don’t ask that, you make sure it is less! Specially packaged foods such as these ramen noodles (knor and Maggie) or tinned soups or even eating from restaurants ever so often. Do you know how much sodium that chef in the restaurant has added in your chicken Chowmein just to enhance and give you that “Bhr ka khana” feel? Well the extra pounds around your belly would provide an answer.


Coke, Pepsi, Sprite; Food can taste great without them too. Trust us, they are selling you a fake message out there that an anday wala burger can become a big and succulent beef burger if you bring Pepsi on the table. It will not happen. The only thing that will happen is that you’ll gain weight for no good reason. Put the soda aside and you’ll do yourself a huge flavor. Oh and while you’re doing that, grab that sugar you add in your everyday chai and put that on the side too. You don’t need 3 tablespoons of sugar to love tea. Tea is the personification of love and you will start loving it regardless of the poisonous added sugar.

Can I have some more of the biryani please?

No you cannot. Well yes we all have a scandalous love affair with biryani and you can eat biryani in reasonable portions but don’t eat food and overload your plate and stomach with it. Eat more varieties but in smaller portions and you won’t regret eating so much after dinner and wishing later on that you had some self-control.

Damn! why you so beautiful? but okay scroll on, be a good sport. we are done here!

Let’s go for a walk people!

Take the steps not the elevator. Take the longer route to class or your office (no not in the car, on food I mean. We want to lose weight not petrol here). You can also go for a morning or evening run if you are highly motivated (which I try and try but fail to do each time) but don’t you worry! Do add these small tiny things in your everyday life style and you will notice a visible change in your body and overall health.