Don’t tell your daughters to stay at home, tell your sons to behave!

De forget to discipline their children. Disciplining doesn’t mean that you punish them if they do wrong it means when you spend time with them and you teach them what is wrong and what is right. Today the moms are so busy that they just leave their children with some electronic device. This is the reason the children are ill-tempered and stubborn. Parents need to understand that they should spend time with their children and guide them to the straight path rather punishing them.

Here are some tips for the parents!

1- Give Them Attention

This doesn’t mean that you have to be around them 24/7 but spend time with them so that they know that they have your back. Take them out, play with them and most importantly ask them how their day went. Once you are friendly with your child they will share everything with you which is a very positive thing.

2 – Treat Their Mistakes as Opportunities to Learn

When a child makes a mistake parents usually act out very bad. The point out their mistakes and then they punish their children. The moment they make mistake you need to tell them how they learn from their mistakes. So that when you’re not around in the future they should be able to learn from their mistakes and not to repeat them.

For example if your child hits someone you should sit calmly with them and tell them how would they feel if someone had done the same. So that they know when they hit someone it feels the same.

3 – Hear Them Out

Just don’t get too busy with delivering your lectures listen to them as well. Listen to their stories and whatever they have to say a bi this you will judge your child how they react and the way they behave to certain situations. This will help you guide your children better.

4 – Make Sure You Know About Their Company and Trust Them

We all know that company matters a lot! So you should know about your child’s friends and you should talk to your children about respectful relationships when they enter their teens. If you find out that your child is having a girlfriend or a boyfriend just don’t panic. the moment you panic your child will start hiding things from you and this will result in making your child distant from you.

You should sit with them and talk about the relationships calmly. Tell them how things go and you can also share your experience with them. Most importantly trust your children and show them that you trust them. If you do not trust your children then your children will lose hope in you.

5 – Appreciate Your Children

Acknowledge your child’s achievements and efforts. You should always celebrate your child’s success with them. This will give them motivation and they will adore you for that. Parents are our great blessing and backbone for child.

What do you have to say about parenting?