Now as we all know that winter the hair and dryness will prevail. Hair dryness and dandruff are the basic issues in winters. Also as we know that there is so much smoke we should be extra careful when it comes to hair. Oiling your hair is must for smoother and stronger hair. Here is an organic oil which will make your hair shiny, dandruff free and also long.

Tulsi is basically a sacred plant for Hindus and it called Basil in English. This plant it used on hair can do wonders in the form of oil. For example damaged scalp, and dandruff issues. Tulsi helps stimulate blood circulation to your scalp and keeps your scalp cool while reducing itchiness and dandruff.


2 to 3 bunches of Tulsi leaves

Half cup of coconut oils


First of all grind the Tulsi leaves and then make a thick paste of it. The address space into a saucepan and then gradually add coconut oil in it. Put the mixture on low flame and stir it. After 5 minutes turn off the flame and let the mixture cool. Take a neat and clean dry bottle and add the mixture to it. Now store the oil in the container and apply it weekly to your scalp and hair twice a week.

This oil will help you flaunt and also you will get rid of dry hair and dandruff!