This is for all the rozaydaars out there. We know that Ramadan can be a time where we should spend the maximum numbers of hours in Allahs worship but sometimes the sleepless nights and the fasting routine can take its toll on our skin and leaves it looking pale and dry but don’t fret! With the scorching sun out there, your skincare routune for Ramadan should be set in place. Here are 5 ways you can effectively take care of your skin this Ramadan to have a glowing, vibrant complexion.

1. Drink as much water as you can

Between iftar and sehri time you have around 6-7 hours to fill up your everyday requirement for water. Make sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water between this time periods and keep your skin hydrated!

2. Reduce Dairy products intake

In Ramadan we add milk and yogurt in every part of our diets from sodas, from milk lassi’s to milk and Rooh Afza. Now even though dairy products though do provide us with our daily nourishment of protein they are are known to cause acne breakouts and pre-mature aging. An alternative can be coconut milk (It takes way better and has all the calcium you require)

3. Go nuts!

I don’t literally mean go crazy. You increase the intake of nuts in your diet from almonds and peanuts to cashew nuts or walnuts. Nuts are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals like copper, Vitamin A, C and E among others all of which are great for the hair and skin. They can also be a fulfilling snacking substitute whenever you have cravings so go for it)

4. Moisturize under eye area

As I just stated the sleeplessness can be a problem and dark circles are our worst enemies always creeping in on us during ramadan. Now I don’t suggest you to buy expensive eye creams or go through the hassle of the cucumber application. Just get a tiny bottle of coconut oil and apply it under your eyes every night before sleeping. That should do the trick! oh and while you’re at it moisturizing the rest of your face with a good face cream wont do no harm either.

5. No sodas or Caffeinated drinks

If your iftar table has a huge bottle of coke or Pepsi or sprite or 7up the list goes on. You are doing your skin a huge disfavor! These drinks contain a high amount of unnatural sugar content which can cause skin problems and we all aware caffeine is directly correlated to skin dullness so keep those aside and opt for a lemonade or a mint margarita with a decent amount of sugar in it.