This drama is basically a novel adaptation of Umera Ahmed’s iconic novels. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family therefore it is relatable. It talks about how some incidents from childhood haunt you in your adulthood. Moreover, it sheds light on our judgmental and conservative society. 

If we talk about the story it is a conventional love triangle of cousins.  There is love, agony, lies and regrets. This drama has a stellar cast Mahira Khan as Mehreen, Kubra Khan as Mashal and Usman Mukhtar as Aswad. . Mehreen (Mahira Khan) is a troubled child constantly haunted by the darkness of her past. On the other hand, Mashal (Kubra Khan) is a high-spirited girl. Aswad is shown as a very caring and passionate individual. Aswad lives in Kuwait; he visits Pakistan once a year. Mehreen is his maternal aunt’s daughter whereas Mashal is his maternal uncle’s daughter. 

In the first episode they all grow up and become adults. The adult Mehreen, who is now an MPhil student, continues to suffer as her mother remarries and she lives a grueling life in Mashal’s home. Adult Mashal has grown up as a negative character full of resentment and spite.

Mehreen has lived a tough life and in the recent episode we have seen how she is attached to her aunt and spends time with her. Mashal is always up to something and creating problems for Mehreen. Her character in this drama is different from any of her previous television characters. She convincingly plays the role of an asthmatic, good-hearted yet emotionally disturbed girl. Also audience is enjoying Kubra Khan in her negative role. All of them are giving promising performances.