Recently under the #Metoo campaign we have been hearing multiple stories regarding female harassment in Pakistan. Where at one place the Meesha Shaffi and Ali Zafar controversy was hushed down a new one has emerged where Humaima Malik has raised general concerns about female harassment specially of women from the entertainment industry. She wrote a long monologue and took out all her frustration regarding general patriarchy and the negligence of hotel management. Here check her tweet out

Humaima in her tweet makes a few incredibly valid points that we all seem to brush under the carpet,

Women from all professions should be treated respectfully

The general perception in Pakistan regarding the entertainment industry and women who work there is pretty shallow. No ‘respectful family’ accepts or should accept the idea of her daughter/wife or mother working in the entertainment industry thus the girls who do are generally considered easy or ‘not worthy of respect’ by the general population. On various occasions women from the entertainment industry are exposed to unappreciated male advances and they are even expected to not have an issue with this overall practice since ‘you chose this profession so deal with this’. Why does this mindset exist? Why can’t we all just live and let live?

A women travelling alone is unsafe in this country

It is shocking to observe how women even at high-end hotels like Nishat have to face harassment. Can you imagine if a women was travelling alone and living in hotels of smaller less cosmopolitan cities? Wouldn’t she be exposed to worse forms of harassment? I am afraid so. If humaima was with a man on the other hand things would’ve been completely different.

Humaima shared screenshots of the messages delivered to her by this certain individual who wouldn’t even let her mourn in peace. The messages seem interfering and excessive. So we completely understand where humaima is coming from

Let’s hope in this Naya Pakistan. We get a Nayi Soch too and women don’t feel threatened in their own home country.