Humna Sheikh Hussain is renowned celebrity make up artist who has 15 years of experience in the industry. Not only is she talented but she is a strong advocate for women rights and empowerment. She volunteers her time to provide make up & hair services for many platforms and fashion shows that support the concept of women empowerment. She formed her own company named HSH which has been providing make up & hair services to AAPNA Alliance fashion shows exhibiting top designers from all over Pakistan.

She works for well known make up brands such as Dior, Guerlain, HourGlass, Mac Cosmetics.  Her true passion is make up and it has never failed to impress. She even had the honor of being apart of IFFA Awards for the bollywood industry. She is a proud Pakistani who strives everyday to reach new milestones and to teach women to be strong and empowered.

Tell us about your work? How long have you been working in this profession?

My work is to provide high-end makeup and hair services. My work can take me from a retail store like Sephora, Bloomingdales to the glamour of New York Fashion Week, Couture Week, Bollywood Fashion Shows, APPNA Alliance Pakistan Fashion show and IFFA  awards. In addition I provide customized services such as bridal make-up / parties, work one-on-one with celebrities and social media trend setters.

Were you always inclined towards the profession or did you aspire to do something different growing up?

I always wanted to do something that gives a sense of women empowerment. Early on in my career I felt that I could help women build confidence through my art. When women know they look great, then they also feel comfortable and that gives them the confidence and courage to step up and raise the bar.

Tell us about your experience so far in the fashion/makeup world.

While working in the fashion / makeup world, I held Make Up Artistry & Executive roles in luxury brands such as Dior, Guerlain, MAC, YSL and L’Oreal. It was an exceptional experience as I got to work with talented individuals, celebrities, industry veterans and models who brought energy and life into each show or event I completed.

What motivates you the most?

It is the energy and excitement my clients show when they look at themselves after my service. That look in their eyes gives me motivation and a sense of appreciation for my work.

What are your qualifications? And what sort of techniques do you use?

I have obtained certification in cosmetology, MAC certified and have taken continuous training to stay abreast of the latest techniques in the industry.

What make up trends are heading our way in 2019 to 2020?

One of the trends taking place now is the ability to customize your own product. You will see that individual will customize lip & face shade colors, to create their own look.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How far do you wish to go with this profession?

My goal is to bring high-end and luxury make-up services to Pakistan. Through my Husband Fawad Butt who is one of the top 10 models of Pakistan and also working with celebrity models such as: Giti Ara Amna Babar, Noore Bhatti and Susan Khan I want to bring a change as to the way the makeup is done in Pakistan. Specifically, I want to teach the upcoming / junior makeup artists of Pakistan the techniques that are used in large cities like NY and LA.

What would be your message for young aspiring makeup artists.

A piece of advice, less is more! One step at a time and one stroke at a time.

What are you views on the fashion industry there has been a lot happening in terms of master classes and blogging. Do you think this is making a difference in any way?

Yes, this does have an impact. In fact, I’m planning to bring a master class to Lahore. Lahore be ready for HSH – Master class.