Hina Ashfaque is a talented and passionate Pakistani Model and an actress who is in the industry for a long time and impresses her fans with each powerful performance. She has taken this industry to a new height of success with her outstanding talent as a Model.

Who is Hina Ashfaque? Tell us about yourself.

Well I am still in the process of discovering myself. Interestingly, as a child I was a hardcore introvert but with the passage of time I got out of my shell.  I’m always up for new experiences which is precisely why I have made several transactions.

Why did you choose to pursue modeling as a career?

Frankly speaking I feel that I did not choose modeling but modeling chose me.

What is your greatest strength, as a model?

First the ability to strike a pose second keen observation and third  the power to adopt.

What has been the most challenging part as a model for you?

And well initially height may have been a challenge but not anymore

You have recently played the role of Tina in the drama “Alif”. Tell us about your acting experience. How did you end up acting?

Ans: I personally enjoyed playing the role of Tina very much and fortunately being cast in Alif has caught lot of attention something that I consider a very pleasant outcome. Like modeling to act was unintentional but I discovered that I have always unknowingly had a flair for it.

Do you want to say anything about Tina?

To play this character was a wise choice and I miss being Tina.

What do you prefer acting or modeling?


What are you goals for 2020?

Two things have always worked for me, focus and gratitude. And my goal is 2020 is to maintain this

What are your hobbies? What do you do when you are free?

Dancing occasionally writings poetry and designing clothes.

What are your upcoming projects? Tell us about what are you looking forward.

There are few projects are in the pipeline but what I’m really looking forward to is appearing on big screen

How are you so fit? Any fitness tips?

A sound mind resides in a sound body and vice versa.

Who is your inspiration?

My mother and a better version of myself.

Modeling and acting both suffers a lot of criticism. How do you overcome that?

It’s takes a while in learning to be indifferent to criticism specifically if it’s negative. I usually divert my mind to positive things.

Any tips for the upcoming models.

Dedication is the key.

You entered 2020 with a new look what’s the reason for this frequent changes every now and then.

Monotony and I don’t go hand in hand. I constantly love experimenting with various looks.

Any message for your fans and followers?

It’s nice to be important but it is more important to nice. So be humble, be positive and thankful.

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